2018-19 Club Registration Documents

The Registration Deadline is November 15, 2018. 



This page is for 4-H Club General Leaders to register their 4-H Club.

If you are an individual member or leader, please see the registration page. 





Use the Registration Checklist to complete your 4-H Club registration. Registration Guides are available from your Regional Specialist. 

Please find all the 2018-19 membership year registration forms below: 

  1. Member Registration Forms 
  2. Leader Registration Forms 
  3. Club Registration Form 
  4. Project Material Order Form
  5. Year-End Summary


General Leaders will receive a Club Registration Package in the mail by mid-September, and all forms will be available to download on the 4-H Saskatchewan website in September. 

If you have questions about registration - call 306-933-7727


Returning 4-H Clubs are able to register online. If you are interested in registering online, contact Karrie at 306-933-7728 for the information you will require. A webinar about online registration will take place on September 12, and a video will be available after that date. 


Leader Screening

2018-19 Volunteer Screening Package

Because 4-H Saskatchewan values the safety of its members, all volunteers wishing to be leaders must complete a volunteer screening process, which includes:

  • Volunteer Screening Application Form
  • Submitting a criminal record search, completed by your local city police or R.C.M.P. detachment or using BackCheck online service
  • Providing three references

New volunteers and leaders requiring re-certification must complete their Volunteer Screening by December 15, 2018. If volunteer screening is not complete by the deadline, then volunteers will be removed from the club and unable to serve as leaders in this membership year. Volunteer Screening is valid for 5 years. All leaders who last completed screening in 2013 will need to re-certify.

Codes of Conduct

2018-19 4-H Codes of Conduct for members, volunteers and parents. 

New in 2018-19, 4-H Saskatchewan has developed Codes of Conduct. These documents set out expectations for behaviour and involvement for all those involved in the 4-H movement. 


Helpful Tips for Registering your 4-H Club

  1. Set an orientation and registration night!
    • Set a date and contact your returning members and leaders. Attract new leaders and members by inviting new families, putting up posters in town, or posting an ad in your local school newsletter or newspaper. 
    • Direct them to this webpage where they can download, complete, and print their registration forms and bring them to the meeting.   
    • Contact your Regional 4-H Specialist at the Provincial 4-H Office for advice, support, and materials (like posters and brochures). 
    • Take a look at the Project Selection Guide to see all of the Projects available! This is also a very useful resource to give your new 4-H families!
    • Check out your Bits & Pieces newsletter, the Event page and the Opportunities page for some of the regional, provincial, and national 4-H events and opportunities available this year!
  2. Collect your Leader Registration Forms.
    • Remind Leaders that they must have valid volunteer screening - those that are new or need to recertify should start the application process as soon as possible. 
  3. Collect your Member Registration Forms
    • Make sure they're completed, parents have signed where necessary, and they include what projects members are enrolled in. 
  4. Collect your Member Registration Fees
    • Membership Fees are $90.00 per member BEFORE November 15, and $110.00 per member if after November 15. 
    • Be prepared to give receipts if necessary. 
    • All membership cheques should be made payable to your club.
    • Your club should submit ONE cheque payable to 4-H Saskatchewan for ALL fees
  5. Complete the Club Officials Form - at your first General Meeting your club should elect a member executive, leader positions, and representatives to the District 4-H Council. 
  6. Complete the Club Information Sheet (optional) - this information will help your Regional 4-H Specialist know what assistance you may need this year.
  7. If your club was registered last year, you must submit the Year End Club Summary Form, which details your club activities from last year, in order to register this year. Remember to attach your club's constitution. 
  8. Discuss with your Project Leaders what resources they will require - this will depend on how many members are taking each project. Tally all the resources that will be needed, and complete your Project Material Order Form for the entire club. Project Materials will not be sent until all registration forms and fees have been received. If you have questions about what resources to order, contact the provincial 4-H office. 
  9. Send ALL OF THESE FORMS & ITEMS TOGETHER to the Provincial 4-H Office at 3830 Thatcher Avenue, Saskatoon, SK. S7R 1A5. 
    • Member Registration Forms
    • Leader Registration Forms
    • Club Registration Form
    • Year End Club Summary Form
    • Project Material Order Form
    • One Club cheque for all 4-H Membership Fees: $90.00 x # of members
    • Other forms if necessary (4-U Self Determined, Young Horse wavier)
  10. Stay in touch with your Regional 4-H Specialist, check the website often, and connect with 4-H Saskatchewan online to stay up to date with the many opportunities and events that will be offered throughout the year!