District 4-H Council Meetings 

There are approximately 40 4-H Districts in Saskatchewan. Each District has a 4-H Council made up of member and adult representatives from the clubs within that district.

Each 4-H club is responsible for sending two member and two adult club representatives to the District 4-H Council Meetings. 

The purpose of the District 4-H Council is to:

  • Create opportunities for members and leaders to interact and participate in events with 4-H’ers not just in their club.
  • Ensure that your club has input into 4-H policies and bylaws.
  • Allow 4-H’ers to compete in district events such as public speaking and curling – this may involve fundraising!
  • Allow 4-H’ers to learn from each other and work together as a team.
  • Have Fun!

Below is all of the information you need to be involved in your District. 

District Meeting Dates

Meetings are added to the list below as they are reported. To have your date added to the list, please contact your Regional 4-H Specialist.

2017 Fall District 4-H Council Meetings

Last updated - October 5, 2017

North West:

District Date Time Town Location
22 Oct. 20 7 p.m. Saskatoon 4-H Office
23 - - - -
33 Oct. 23  7 p.m.  Canwood Canwood High School
34 Oct. 25  7 p.m.  North Battleford Upstairs Agravilla
38 Nov. 7 7 p.m. Turtleford Turtleford School


North East: 

District Date Time Town Location
21 Oct. 30 7 p.m.  Viscount Viscount Rink
31 Oct. 25 6 p.m. Nipawin Central Park School

Sept. 12

Nov. 28

7 p.m.

7 p.m.

Prince Albert

Prince Albert

John Cuelenare Library




South West: 

District Date Time Town Location
3/4 Nov. 15 6:30 p.m. Val Marie  School Lunchroom
8 Oct. 18 7 p.m. Moose Jaw Kinsmen Sportplex
9 TBD   Swift Current  Large Animal Clinic
10 Nov. 13  7 p.m. Maple Creek Jasper Centre
16 Oct. 16  7 p.m. Outlook Outlook High School
40 Nov. 1  7 p.m. Fiske Fiske Hall


South East: 

District Date Time Town Location
1 Nov. 1 TBA Estevan Estevan Exihibtion Office
5 Nov. 14 7:30 p.m. Kennedy TBA
6 - - - -
7 Nov. 2 7 p.m. Weyburn Ag Society
12 Nov. 7 7 p.m.  Yorkton Yorkdale School
13 Oct. 4 7:30 p.m. Melville Melville Baptist Church
41 Oct. 18  7:15 p.m. Carnduff Carnduff School



District 4-H Council Map

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4-H Saskatchewan has four administrative regions. Within each region are 10 - 11 4-H Districts. Each District has several 4-H clubs. If you have questions about your District 4-H Council or need to get in contact with the executive, contact the Regional 4-H Specialist for your Region.



What happens at a District Meeting

‚ÄčAt the Fall Meeting, most 4-H District Councils:

  • will have each club give a club report 
  • will elect their District Executives [President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer]. District Executives must be registered 4-H members or registered 4-H leaders. 
  • make plans for hosting District 4-H Public Speaking Competitions
  • make plans for hosting Regional Public Speaking (if applicable)
  • make a motion to pay the District fee. Note in 2017-18, the fee has increased to $375.00 (was $341.25)
  • decide who will be the District's Leader and Member delegates to represent them at AGM
  • discuss any resolutions that they would like to submit for discussion at AGM  [resolutions must be submitted by December 31 prior to AGM]
  • make plans for any other special events or fundraisers that the District hosts
  • consider nominating an outstanding leader for the Hall of Fame. Applications are due December 31. 

‚ÄčAt the Spring Meeting, most 4-H District Councils:

  • will have each club give a club report 
  • will discuss resolutions and give direction to their District Leader and Member delegates for voting at AGM
  • make plans for any other special events or fundraisers that the District hosts

What is expected of me if I'm representing my club?

A District 4-H Council is a lot like a club general meeting! People work together using parliamentary procedure to plan events and make decisions. Remember, you are there to represent your entire club. 

  • prepare and present a club report about your club's activities
    • Information that you could include:  How many members and leaders do you have?  what projects are members taking?  when was your achievement day and how did it go?  did you have any special events or guest speakers/clinicians last year?  
    • It's best if you write or print a copy of your club report and bring it to the meeting so that you can give it to the District Council Secretary for the meeting minutes!
  • represent your club in discussions and resolutions - remember that you are here to represent the thoughts and ideas of your entire club at the district level.  
  • work together with other club representatives to ensure that your district is meeting its goals 
  • be respectful, polite and positive to all others.  Listen to the President, follow the meeting agenda, and use proper parliamentary procedure.  
  • If you would like to be considered for a position on the executive, or as an AGM delegate, be prepared to speak about why you are interested in the role and why you would be a good choice.  
  • If you are interested in holding a position on the 4-H Saskatchewan Board of Directors for your region, you will need to submit your nomination form to the provincial office prior to AGM.  Please make sure all components of the nomination form are complete.
  • Volunteer to help with district committeees and ensure that your club is sharing the responsibility of the district.  
  • Take notes!  Rememember that you will need to report back to your club after the meeting and pass on District information!

Representing your District at AGM

Each District can send 1 member delegate and 1 leader delegate to represent it at the Saskatchewan 4-H Council’s Annual General Meeting, held in Saskatoon in March each year. It is an important business meeting where Saskatchewan 4-H Policies are discussed. It’s also a lot of FUN!

District 4-H Councils will select their two delegates at the fall district coucil meeting. Each district can also send multiple visitors, who participate in all aspects of AGM but do not vote. 

At AGM, the District Delegates will

  • Vote on resolutions for their District. If your District has put forth a resolution, you may be required to speak to it.
  • Give a district report at their regional meeting. District reports should include information about each of the clubs in the district (club name, how many members, how many leaders, projects, special activities), and on District events like public speaking. 
  • Report on any regional or provincial events hosted by their district (if applicable)
  • Make a presentation of a donation to the Saskatchewan 4-H Foundation
  • District member delegates may also be an ambassador, and act as a host to our 4-H sponsors at the AGM banquet.
  • Make a report about their experience at AGM to report back to their district council

Regional 4-H Workshops

Several Regional Workshops will be available to 4-H members and leaders across the province.  Topics will be specific to each area, but may include Record Books, Parliamentary Procedure, Record Books, Judging and The 4-H Basics.  Regional Workshops are open to all 4-H members and leaders, though topics and discussion will be targeted to Junior, Intermediate and Senior 4-H members. 

Upcoming workshops dates can be found under EVENTS.