Saskatchewan 4-H Scholarships

Colin Haggart?s ?Entrepreneurship in Saskatchewan? essay receives great feedback from scholarship founder and MLA.

New this year to the Saskatchewan 4-H program was the William Cooper Entrepreneurship Scholarship of $1,000 awarded to Colin Haggart of Abby. In addition to his application, Colin was awarded the prestigious scholarship based on his essay entitled Entrepreneurship in Saskatchewan. Below are excerpts from the award winning essay.

...There are many underlining factors that set entrepreneurs apart from his or her peers. Entrepreneurs require personal motivation, a vision, the ability to adapt to change, and an overall perception of entrepreneurialism.

...Successful entrepreneurs investigate all possible routes, road blocks, and make a decision as to where he or she wants to be! They are risk takers who improve their profession continually through education, modifications, and promoting their products and services. In return, they develop a competitive edge towards other businesses.

...Educating the mind of an entrepreneur is like feeding an accountant numbers for breakfast. The more you feed the more knowledge you have available. The higher the quality of feed, the greater the knowledge provided. The greatest knowledge is not from college or university, but from past experience, mistakes and accomplishments.

...No one can turn your dreams into reality but yourself. As Michael Porter would say, ?national prosperity is not inherited, it is created.? Times are tough more often than not and the only way to continue is to press forward, because not everything is handed to you. It is earned!

A heartfelt congratulations to Colin Haggart has been extended from the scholarship founder William (Bill) Cooper as well as MLA Wayne Elhard (Mr. Elhard is from Colin?s constituency of Cypress Hills). Both Mr. William Cooper and Mr. Wayne Elhard are very pleased Colin is the first recipient of the scholarship and feel he is well deserving of the award.

?Colin is a highly motivated 4-H member and excellent role model. I am very impressed with Colin?s abilities and potential. His endeavours aline very favourably with what we had in mind during the development of our Entrepreneurship Fund.? William Cooper

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