Traveller Report

This year I attended the Skills and Thrills 2009, hosted in Winnipeg. During my time spent there our group did various amounts of things, such as: Tour the Red River College, visit the Forks, Ag Olympics, Auctioneering lessons, and had various guest speakers.

This opportunity was wonderful for me, because I got to meet so many new people and learn many new things. I would have to say that meeting new people is always my favourite event at any 4-H function, but I also enjoyed touring Winnipeg a lot. To me the guest speakers were the most inspirational, motivating me to be the best I can, and put myself out there to the world. After this conference I really felt that I came out with a better understanding of communication in the work fi elds, and how important it is in our day to day life. I really felt that I came home with an open mind to new ideas for the future. These skills are indeed key to keeping an organization together.

In closing I would like to say that Skills and Thrills 2009 was a blast, and I would encourage anyone I could to take such an opportunity. I would also like to thank all of the sponsors for their contribution, and the chaperones for taking their time to organize this, it would not have happened without you.

Sincerely, Shyla Rothwell

In Photo: Shyla Rothwell and Megan Rosso from Sk with friends from other provinces during Skills and Thrills Conference in Winnipeg.

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