FCC 4-H 4-Ever Program

A whopping 46 Saskatchewan 4-H Clubs will receive funding this year from FCC 4-H 4-Ever Program. Each club will receive a total of $453.16 to go towards their club year activities. The recently expanded FCC 4-H 4-Ever program provides a grant of up to $500 to individual 4-H clubs. The funding comes from a $1 million investment from Farm Credit Canada to the Canadian 4-H Council over the next four years. Across Canada, more than 200 clubs received funding from the Canadian 4-H Council. ?From the moment we announced that this funding was available, the response from across Canada was overwhelming,? said Judy Shaw, president of the Canadian 4-H Council. ?The FCC 4-H 4-Ever program is an excellent way to maintain the financial stability of 4-H in Canada, and to help grow 4-H throughout the country.?

Funding from the FCC 4-H 4-Ever program covers a number of costs, including new club start-up costs, equipment and supplies, developing existing programs and activities, transportation costs, and entrance and admission fees for member activities. ?At FCC, we understand the value of 4-H for the future of Canadian agriculture and Canadian youth,? said Lyndon Carlson, FCC Senior Vice-President, Marketing. ?The FCC 4-H 4-Ever program will help support future generations of Canadians involved in 4-H, and provide the impetus for new initiatives and growth in 4-H across Canada.?

FCC has supported 4-H at the national level for 20 years. The new campaign marks a continued emphasis on the club level of 4-H and the growth of the 4-H program in Canada. For more information, visit the Canadian 4-H Council website.

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