Travel Opportunities

Congratulations to the lucky 4-H?ers who will be travelling on the following 4-H Trips:

National 4-H Conference

  • Kaitlyn Yewsuk, Emerald 4-H Beef (Lestock)
  • Jacey Safnuk, Silver Spurs Lighthorse (Prince Albert)
  • Kelsey Richardson, Laura Multiple 4-H Club (Delisle)
  • Katie Cooper, Touchwood Hills Lighthorse (West Bend)
  • Rylea Eggeson, Maidstone Gully Multiple 4-H Club, (Maidstone)

National 4-H Volunteer Leader?s Conference

  • Jackie Hiltz, Riverview Riders 4-H Club (Codette)

National 4-H Skills (?and thrills) Conference

  • Megan Rosso, Old Wives 4-H Club (Moose Jaw)
  • Shyla Rothwell, Wild Rose 4-H Beef (Shellbrook)

National 4-H Conference Chaperone

  • Wendy Rothwell, Wild Rose 4-H Beef (Shellbrook)
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