Traveller Report

November 2008 I along with Lynn Goldthorpe had the opportunity to attend the National 4-H Volunteer Leaders Conference in Toronto. 4-H members Janet Schmitt and Rosalyn Mayer were the 4-H members attending the member?s part of the conference.

While in Toronto, we attended presentations titled Harnessing the Energy and workshops on Cause Successes. These sessions were presented by Mark Essay a teacher from Manitoba who was a former 4-H member. In Mark?s sessions we were dancing, singing, and juggling. Rob Black and Jane Muegge gave a presentation on working together. We had a presentation from the Canadian 4-H Foundation explaining the goals and long term plans. At the conference we also did a lot of networking, talking about what works to motivate members and leaders, what works in what clubs. Fundraising ideas were presented.

The National Volunteer Leaders conference is not all about learning, we were entertained as well. Along with the 4-H members, we went to dinner theater Mysteriously Yours ? a mystery presentation. We went to tour John Deer Plant and a leisurely afternoon in Niagara Falls. We spent a day at the Royal Winter Fair. Our conference ended with a wrap up banquet with sponsors of the program. Following the banquet we had a 70?s Dance with 4-H members, staying up all night.

The conference also gave us the opportunity to meet 4-H members from across Canada and a chance to learn about the 4-H Program in other provinces. We had the opportunity to look at different project books in Provincial 4-H displays. This was a wonderful experience and Lynn and I encourage everyone to take advantage of travel opportunities 4-H has to offer.

(Cindy Cooper, Touchwood Hills Lighthorse 4-H Club)

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