NEW 4-H Club

One NEW CLUB registered in the South West Region this year is called the Craik Sustainability 4-H Club. With sixteen new members, this club is taking on two projects in its first year: gardening and a 4-U Self-Determined. Their 4-U Self-Determined project is a ?Chicken Tractor? project, which is a portable chicken coop with no floor.

Did you know that by making a chicken tractor the width of the space between rows, chickens can weed, fertilize and cultivate your garden organically all summer long? Chickens are very efficient at cultivating soil with their sharp-clawed feet. While they are digging up everything green they will also be catching bugs and leaving deposits of nitrogen-rich manure. The digging and scratching will incorporate this manure in the soil, so that it will not be laying around on the surface.

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