Cera's 4-H Global Summit Experience - part 1

Cera Youngson, the 4-H Saskatchewan Executive Director, is at the 4-H Global Summit in Ottawa this week. During her time there, Cera has been sharing little things she is learning throughout the week! 

July 11, 2017

Nearly 500 4-H'ers, representing 35 countries are in our nation's capital, Ottawa, Ontario for The Global 4-H Network Summit.  

Follow along and join the discussion on social media at #4H4TheWorld and @Global4HSummit. 

Find out more about exciting things happening at the summit including the agenda and speaker bios at

Things learned at the Global 4-H Summit today:

The 4-H program is flexible and doesn't look the same in every country.  It's not even always called 4-H! But, around the world our program works to develop Competence, Confidence, Character, Caring/Compassion and Connection in more than 7 million youth members.

4-H is delivered in school classrooms, community centres and around kitchen tables. Government organizations, university extensions or independent NGOs deliver and administer the 4-H program depending on the country. Around the world 4-H is connected to agriculture and in many countries also connected to entrepreneurship or rural socio-economic development. Around the world becoming capable and contributing adults that can make positive impact on our communities and beyond is a shared goal. 

Fun Fact:

In some Spanish speaking countries, the program is called 4-S! It stands for

Saber (Know/Learn)

Sentimientos (Caring)

Servicio (Service)

Salud (Health)

July 12, 2017

Things I learned today:

Potential corporate funders are looking for partnerships with projects that align with their corporate giving strategy, core values, and vision. 

A panel of current 4-H supporters gave tips for clubs seeking support for their projects:

- Don't be afraid to ask!

 - Research the company and ensure your project is a good fit.  Read eligibility requirements and ensure that your project is eligible. If there is a standard form or format ensure you stick to it!

- Build a clear, concise proposal.  Keep out simple and short - 2 to 4 pages is suggested.  What are you going to do? How will you benefit and how can the company benefit too?  Add legitimacy to your proposal by sharing the experience or abilities people on your team have that will help you administer the project successfully. How will the funds be utilised and what impact will the funds have? How does your project relate to the company's values or priorities and is there an opportunity for the company representatives to be involved?

- Don't assume the company knows all about 4-H and your club activities.  Include some general information about 4-H and your club.  Have someone not involved in 4-H review your proposal to ensure it will be understood by someone who doesn't know about 4-H.

- Supporters are increasingly looking to partner with projects and new types of recognition, not just having their logo on a sponsor board.  Be creative and find more ways for your potential sponsor to be recognized.

- Don't forget to say Thank You! Send photos or information following the completion of your project.  Invite your supporters to club events and thank them there publicly. A handwritten thank you card takes moments to write and can be impactful!

Fun Fact

The next Global 4-H Network Summit will be held in Tanzania in 2020!

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