Maple Creek Multiple is People's Choice Award Winner!

Congratulations to Maple Creek Multiple 4-H Club! They were chosen by the attendees at the AGM as the People's Choice Award Winner for the H's in Action Contest!

Our 4-H staff challenged all Saskatchewan 4-H'ers to put their H's in Action - that is, find a way to put their head, heart, health or hands to use for the betterment of their club, community or country!

We were wowed by the creative and thoughtful ways our 4-H'ers found to give back. We received a total of 11 entries, which were put on display and voted on at AGM. 

  • Golburn Gallopers 4-H Club helped to demolish a building at their community fair grounds. 
  • Members of Lomond 4-H Club donated money to a family in their community who had lost family members in a tragic accident.
  • Clearview 4-H Club donated $1,000 to the All Nations Healing Hospital. 
  • Silver Shadows 4-H Club collected donations for the foodbank. 
  • Burnham 4-H Club baked and held a bake sale and donated their proceeds to adopt a burrowing owl from the Burrowing Owl Conservation Center. 
  • Briercrest Multiple 4-H Club helped host an annual Christmas Brunch in their community, as well as collecting donations for the Humane Society. 
  • Bailey G. of the Sandy Hills Light Horse 4-H Club held a bakesale and raised $428.20 for a family who had lost their home in a fire. 
  • Carrot River 4-H Club lended a hand at the communitys annual Christmas Tree Auction helping to raise $3,000 for the local health center. 
  • Glen Ewen Mixed 4-H Club made and auctioned off fleece blankets to the Expressway Family Center. 
  • Rhein 4-H Beef & Activities members baked and gave their baking to residents around their community. 
  • Maple Creek Multiple 4-H Club held a variety of activities - see below!

Great job to all those who participated, and congratulations to Maple Creek Multiple 4-H Club! See their entry below!


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