Fall District Council Meetings


Each club can elect two adult and two member representatives to participate in district 4-H council meetings.   

What can I expect if I am representing my 4-H club at the District 4-H Council?

At the Fall Meeting most 4-H District Councils:

  • will have each club give a club report 
  • will elect their District Executives [President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer],
  • make plans for hosting District 4-H Curling and District 4-H Public Speaking Competitions
  • make plans for hosting Regional 4-H Curling or Public Speaking (if applicable)
  • make a motion to pay the District fee of $341.25
  • decide who will be the District's Leader and Member delegates to represent them at AGM
  • discuss any resolutions that they would like to submit for discussion at AGM  [resolutions must be submitted by January 31, 2014]
  • make plans for any other special events or fundraisers 

What is expected of me?

A District 4-H Council is a lot like a club general meeting!  Remember, that you are there to represent your club

  • prepare and present a club report about your club's activities
    • Information that you could include:  How many members and leaders do you have?  what projects are members taking?  when was your achievement day and how did it go?  did you have any special events or guest speakers/clinicians last year?  
    • It's best if you write or print a copy of your club report and bring it to the meeting so that you can give it to the District Council Secretary for the meeting minutes!
  • represent your club in discussions and resolutions - remember that you are here to represent the thoughts and ideas of your entire club at the district level.  
  • work together with other club representatives to ensure that your district is meeting its goals 
  • be respectful, polite and positive to all others.  Listen to the President, follow the meeting agenda, and use proper parliamentary procedure.  
  • If you would like to be considered for a position on the executive, or as an AGM delegate, be prepared to speak about why you are interested in the role and why you would be a good choice.  
  • If you are interested in holding a position on the 4-H Saskatchewan Board of Directors for your region, you will need to submit your nomination form to the provincial office prior to AGM.  Please make sure all components of the nomination form are complete.
  • Volunteer to help with district committeees and ensure that your club is sharing the responsibility of the district.  
  • Take notes!  Rememember that you will need to report back to your club after the meeting and pass on District information!

When is my District Meeting?

Below are all of the dates that have been reported to the 4-H Office.  To submit your District 4-H Council meeting date for this list or to report an error, please contact your Regional 4-H Specialist.

          Fall Meeting

North East

Date Time Town Location
District 18/19        
District 20 Nov-13 6:00 PM Foam Lake Dennis Café (Supper Meeting)
District 21 Oct-24 7:30 PM Viscount Viscount Rink
District 25        
District 26 Oct-30            7:00 PM                                       Conference Call
District 27 Oct-20 7:00 PM Tisdale Mr. Ribs
District 28        
District 31 Nov-6 7:00 PM Nipawin Alex Wright Room @ Central Park School
District 32 Oct-29 7:00 PM Prince Albert Macintosh Mall
District 42        
District 43        

North West

Date Time Town Location
District 22 Oct-25 7:00 PM Saskatoon Provincial 4-H Office-Conference Room
District 23 Doesn't have a fall meeting
District 24        
District 29       Provincial 4-H Office-Conference Room
District 30 Oct-22 7:00 PM Unity RM Office 
District 33 Oct-25 7:30 PM Spiritwood Pioneer Center
District 34 Oct-15 7:00 PM North Battleford Agrivilla
District 35 Oct-17 7:00 PM Lloydminster Greenwood Hall
District 36 Nov-22   Meadow Lake  
District 38 Oct-22 7:00 PM Turtleford Turtleford School

South West

Date Time Town Location
District 2 Nov-10      
District 3        
District 4 Nov-24 1:00 PM Val Marie School Gymnasium
District 8 Oct-16 7:00 PM Moose Jaw PlaMor Place or Kinsmen Center
District 9 Oct-09 7:00 PM Swift Current Large Animal Health Clinic
District 10 Oct-10 7:00 PM Maple Creek Anglican Parish
District 11 Nov-05 7:00 PM Abbey Legion Hall
District 16 Nov-04 8:00 PM Conference Call  
District 17 Oct-30 7:00 PM Kindersley Brother's Restaurant
District 40 Nov-06 7:00 PM Kyle Legion Hall

South East

Date Time Town Location
District 1        
District 5 Nov-12 7:30 Kennedy  
District 6        
District 7 Oct-22   Weyburn Weyburn Ag Society
District 12 Nov-12   Yorkton Yorkdale School
District 13 Nov-24   Melville  
District 14 Oct-30 7:00 PM Regina SE Regional 4-H Office
District 37        
District 39        
District 41 Oct-16 7:15 PM Redvers Catholic Church Basement

What district is my club in?

You can use the map below to figure out which district your club is a part of, or you can contact your Regional 4-H Specialist:

  • Northwest - Kelsey Dust @ 306-933-6723
  • Northeast - Anna-Maria Boechler @ 306-933-1544
  • Southwest - Karrie Watson @ 306-933-1545
  • Southeast - Melodi Hawksford-Lee (away until December) Contact the Provincial 4-H Office @ 306-933-7727

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