4-H as a High School Credit

Hi, my name is Megan Rosso and I?m in the Old Wives 4-H Club. In these past few months all I?ve been doing is 4-H, 4-H, 4-H. Why? My friend Jenica Bird and I have successfully completed the ?4-H as a high school? credit with a 90%. All that is required is 100 hours of work with 4-H. That could mean anything 4-H related, whether it?s a 4-H function or just updating your record book.

When we applied for this special credit we agreed to complete the following: a 4-page paper on how some youth today don?t know what 4-H is and the opportunities that it offers, design a backboard that promotes 4-H, a slide show that could be presented along with our backboard and a journal of all the research and work that we did. It seemed like a lot of work at the time, but in the end we got it done.

We presented all of this to our guidance counselor and he was impressed by how much 4-H means to us. He learned so much in the hour that we gave our presentation and so did we because he asked us some questions that we weren?t sure of so we looked it up. From that presentation he now wants us to give the same presentation at the open house for grade 8?s to encourage others to join.

This will be my tenth year in 4-H and I?m still learning new stuff everyday, so I thought this was very benefi cial to me and many others. I have also gained a new perspective on some confl icts that come clubs may have, but others agree to it. 4-H has a lot to offer and I?m glad that I did this. I hope you decide to do it too! All you have to do is talk to your Regional Specialist and guidance councilor about it.

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