Road trip

Happy New Year!

January makes us think of a lot of things...

  • Fresh beginnings
  • Trips
  • New Year's resolutions
  • Hot holidays
  • Cold weather
  • Ski trips
  • Snow
  • More trips

And Harold is no different. He is tired of being cooped up; he wants to get away from the office, see new places and meet new friends. Harold wants to take a trip BUT he doesn't know where to go - he needs your help!

Invite Harold to visit you. Ask him to attend your next club, district or regional event. Harold loves road trips - they are his favourite kind of holiday!

Oh, and when Harold is at your event, please take pictures because he isn't very good with a camera. Then, send the pictures to for Harold to see and share. Be sure to include memories from the day, too.

To invite Harold to your event, email or call 306-933-7727 and read the attached information sheet.

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