Club Recruitment and Retention Challenge

For the last two years, 4-H Saskatchewan has issued a challenge to our 4-H Clubs, and they truly rose to the occasion. We challenged our clubs to help us ?step up? our Recruitment and Retention efforts and they came through with flying colours! We are truly grateful for their remarkable efforts to keep this amazing organization running. It is so important to have new and ?seasoned? 4-H members interested in learning to do by doing, and also to have new and ?seasoned? 4-H leaders to help with running the club and succession planning for the future.

The GOLD standing club in each region with the highest recruitment and retention statistics received a Fun Day hosted by their Regional 4-H Specialist!

Here are some of the highlights from the experience:

North West Club Recruitment and Retention Challenge Winner: Catherwood 4-H Club

"Catherwood 4-H club is over 50 years old and was predominately a beef club. A couple of years ago we were down to 3 beef members and 1 photography member. With having so few we decided to have the achievement day at one of the farms and have a community BBQ with it. This brought in 2 new beef members and 3 sheep members. This year we decided to advertise in the school newsletter and we added 9 canine members and 8 craft members. We also have 3 new project leaders that are doing a wonderful job with the kids."

South West Club Recruitment and Retention Challenge Winner: Shaunavon Multiple 4-H Club

The Shaunavon Multiple 4-H Club were the 2010/11 Club Challenge Winners for the South West Region. In honour of their achievement for increasing and maintaining club membership, they had a Fun Day hosted by the Saskatchewan 4-H Council.  The members and leaders of the club, and their families, enjoyed a pizza supper followed by games and fun swimming at the pool. The whole club enjoyed the event and were grateful to Saskatchewan 4-H for such a fun event.

The Club Recruitment and Retention Challenge has once again been issued for the 2011/12 season. Check out the details!

There was an amazing response this year. Hats off to the champions! These 15 clubs brought in 224 new members and leaders to the 4-H program and also did an incredible job on retaining their existing 4-H'ers. In total over 980 new members and leaders were welecomed throughout the province.

Here are all the final results from the 2010/11 challenge:

NE Region:
Gold Placing - Canora 4-H Multiple, up 14 members/leaders overall
Silver Placing - Viscount 4-H Multiple, up 10 AND Nipawin Light Horse 4-H Club, up 10
Bronze Placing - Spruce Homes Trail Riders Light Horse 4-H Club, Hudson Bay Multiple 4-H Club AND RRRR Western Trailmates, all up 8

NW Region:
Gold Placing - Catherwood 4-H Multiple Club, up 17 members/leaders overall
Silver Placing - Spiritwood 4-H Club, up 15
Bronze Placing - Vanscoy Multiple 4-H Club, up 11

SE Region:
Gold Placing - Longlaketon Multiple 4-H Club up 33 members/leaders overall!
Silver Placing - McLean Multiple 4-H Club, up 17
Bronze Placing - Rhein 4-H Beef & Activities Club, up 9

SW Region:
Gold Placing - Shaunavon Multiple 4-H Club , up 11 members/leaders overall
Silver Placing - Bear Creek Beef 4-H Club, up 7
Bronze Placing - Briercrest 4-H Multiple Club AND Dusty Riders 4-H Club, both up 5


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