Saskatchewan 4-H Foundation

'Supporting the Development of Saskatchewan's Youth'

The Saskatchewan 4-H Foundation is a registered charity and can issue receipts for income tax purposes.

The Saskatchewan 4-H Foundation has played a significant role in the success of 4-H Saskatchewan for over 50 years. The Foundation was incorporated in 1960 for the purpose of receiving and administering funds donated to the 4-H program. It became a charitable organization in 1967.

The Foundation is run from the same offices as the Saskatchewan 4-H Council. The Foundation receives donations from a wide variety of sources, and invests the funds under the direction of a volunteer Board of Trustees and a Financial Advisor (RBC Dominion Securities).

The most encouraging aspect of supporting the Foundation is that the money you give today will not only support current 4-H members, leaders and programs, but will continue to work for the benefit of future generations of 4-H members.

The Trustees of the Foundation are:

  • Dr. Mary Buhr, College of Agriculture and Bioresources, University of Saskatchewan and Chairperson of the Foundation
  • Les Ferguson, Treasurer, Donor: Friend of 4-H Category
  • William Cooper, Trustee, Donor: Circle of Friends Category
  • Duane Bristow, Trustee
  • Shelley Jones, Representative, Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture
  • Clint Panter, Representative, Saskatchewan 4-H Council
There are also three non-voting members who act as advisors from the Saskatchewan 4-H Council:
  • Cindy Cooper, President
  • Glenn Gress, Vice-President
  • Cera Youngson, Executive Director

The Relationship between the Saskatchewan 4-H Foundation and the Saskatchewan 4-H Council is a partnership!

The Saskatchewan 4-H Council is a volunteer board which sets policies for the 4-H program in Saskatchewan. They then direct a small team of dedicated staff to administer the program.

The annual operating cost of the 4-H Saskatchewan program (excluding the time provided by volunteers) is over one million dollars. As the program attains financial independence, more time, energy and resources are required each year to raise the necessary support.

The Council receives financial support from the Ministry of Agriculture, and in-kind office space. The rest is received from Grants and Donations.

Income earned through the Saskatchewan 4-H Foundation's carefully managed portfolio provides increased stability for the organization. Today's 4-H members are tomorrow's community and agri-business leaders. Through 4-H they are developing skills and gaining confidence that will help them become concerned, fully-participating adult members of society. Invest today to provide security for your future.

Value of the 4-H Saskatchewan Program

In our rapidly changing society, 4-H members and their families help preserve the values and sense of responsibility, which enrich the social fabric of our communities. 4-H provides enhanced opportunities for young citizens to reach their full potential. The 4-H program is unique, relevant, exciting and appealing to young people!

The Saskatchewan 4-H Council is continually developing projects to meet the needs and interests of today's youth. Projects such as protecting our planet, photography and social recreation are offered along-side some of the more traditional projects like beef and light horse. Through 4-H, members make friends as they work and learn together.

4-H members set goals and develop leadership skills (public speaking, decision making, parliamentary procedure, record keeping and meeting management). Through provincial, national and international seminars, conferences, competitions and exchanges, 4-H members can expand their knowledge and horizons. 4-H members are self-starters, entrepreneurial and adaptable. 4-H graduates take control of their own destiny.

"You can take a 4-H member on career paths far removed from 4-H but you can never take away the experience, citizenship training and the values learned from even a short exposure to 4-H. These are the gifts that endure to be drawn upon through life." Dr. Garry Lindberg, P.Eng. V.P. Canadian Space Agency and former Alberta 4-H member (Source: Canadian 4-H Council)

"The 4-H program provides a forum for members to develop into strong Canadians with a sense of responsibility and attitude to get things done. The character building of the 4-H movement is of benefit to everyone. 4-H, like education, is something no one can take away from you, and you never know when it will act as the key to the door of opportunity." Bob Church, Ph.D. Member of the Canadian Agricultural Hall of Fame, Credited with being the founder of the first commercial embryo transplant. (Source: Canadian 4-H Council)

Return on your investment!

An investment in 4-H is an investment in your future, as well as an investment in the future of our youth. As today's 4-H members become tomorrow's confident, knowledgeable, capable employees, employers, and community leaders, your investment will yield valuable returns. An investment in 4-H is an investment in the "care and feeding" of volunteers. Volunteer-run programs are an increasingly important component of our society.

An investment in 4-H is an investment in a better society. 4-H provides opportunities for youth to work and play together, and "learn to do by doing." 4-H builds character.

How Do I Make an Investment in 4-H?

Individual Donors

Individual donors are an integral part of the Foundation. Donations in any amount are welcome. The Saskatchewan 4-H Foundation has recognition benefits for individual donors. All donations are cumulative, therefore, investors move from category to category thoughtout their lifetime.

Corporate Sponsorship

The generous sponsorship received from a variety of businesses and other interested organizations form the bulk of the Foundation's annual contributions. Over the years, hundreds of companies have given sponsorship dollars ranging from $50 to much larger contributions. Some organizations choose to provide large, one-time only grants, while a substantial number give to the Foundation on an annual basis. Corporate sponsors are also honoured for achieving established recognition categories.

The Saskatchewan 4-H Foundation helps to ensure that the 4-H program in Saskatchewan continues to be strong and viable well into the future. We cannot do this without your support! If you would like to discuss any of the options listed here, please call the provincial 4-H office at 306-933-7727 or email All enquiries are kept in the strictest of confidence.